Project Management.
Creative Team Development.
User Experience Design.

Specializing in the development, management and delivery of user-focused design
for web and mobile applications.

About. It's What I Do

Starting with concept and design development to define requirements and scope. Breaking-down requirements into clearly defined work lists and milestones. Driving projects through successful execution, and on time delivery. Pulling in user opinion and analytics to to make sure the destination is clear.

  • Concept Development

    Concept Development

    Locking executives and designers in a room with analytics and user opinion and having the focus to come out with a clearly defined list of where the project needs to go.

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    Breaking-down requirements and back-logs into Sprints, tasks, time lines and deliverables. Planning, organizing, controlling resources, and managing contingencies to successful delivery.

  • Team Management

    Team Management

    Identifying and finding the needed rock-stars to pull off something spectacular. Aligning team members' wants and desires for themselves with the project goals ensuring top-level quality and effort. Mentoring skill-sets to foster irreplaceable tallent pools.

  • Production and Delivery

    Analytics Assessment

    Generating and analyzing performance indicators and user analytics to ensure we're on the right path to deliver a winning product. Generating production data to learn the lessons making us smarter and more efficient with every endeavour.

Projects. It's What's Been Done

Some samples of work produced for web and mobile apps.
This will get updated often as more work gets released.

  • Assessment Redesign

    Assessment Redesign

  • Rogue Racing

    Rogue Racing

  • Infected


  • Mobile Poker

    Mobile Poker

  • How to Buy a House

    How to Buy a House

  • Credit Affiliate Site

    Credit Affiliate Site

  • Website Website

  • Essence


  • Provident Banking

    Provident Banking

Say Hello. It's What You Want To Do

At this point I know you can't wait to talk with me. Please drop me a line. It's easy through the form here, or using email listed below. For a more specific list of what I've done where, visit me on LinkedIn or download my resume. The links are also below.